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We are a Parramatta website design company, digital marketing agency in one super- creative blender. Specializing in creating highly performing sites for small businesses in the Parramatta area and beyond.

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FP Web Design is Parramatta’s most in-demand, affordable freelance web designer in 2019.

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We don’t spent one penny on advertising! Glowing reviews & word-of-mouth referrals have led to our unmatched success!

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Parramatta Web Design Packages

A good professional web design development plays a very important role in your Parramatta business – whether it’s there to generate revenue, leads or help deal with inquiries. We develop Online Business not just the great looking websites. We know the beautiful design is vital, however, the true web design is all about effective conversation by turning your Website Visitors into Your Customers.


  • 5 Pages (you also can create unlimited pages)
  • Wordpress CMS
  • Website Content Writing
  • 990.00


  • 10 Pages (you also can create unlimited pages)
  • Wordpress CMS
  • Website Content Writing
  • 1299.00 (Free One Year Hosting)


  • 25 Pages (you also can create unlimited pages)
  • Wordpress CMS
  • Website Content Writing
  • 3899.00 (Free One Year Hosting)


  • 35 Pages (you also can create unlimited pages)
  • Wordpress CMS
  • Website Content Writing
  • 4899.00 (Free One Year Hosting)

Parramatta Based Web Design & Local SEO Expert

Hi, my name is Marcelo and I’m a local SEO consultant and web designer in Parramatta. I’ve been involved in web design and SEO for over 12 years and in that time I’ve ranked countless client websites, as well as my own business websites.

I’m currently based in Parramatta North and it’s my objective to help local businesses to thrive. Whether you’re a plumber, dentist, attorney, carpet cleaner, builder or tradesman, I will help your businesses achieve an established online existence using my own proven formula.

Parramatta Web Design & Local SEO Expert

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A Team of Graphic Designers near Parramatta

When companies need strategic guidance, FP Web Design delivers design and marketing solutions to launch new brands or take existing companies to the next level. Our company has built long-term relationships with many marquee brands and successful clients in Parramatta that want insightful and creative designs that will lead their businesses into the future. Strong conceptual ideas, creative thinking, and dedication go into each brand we design and reliability, ownership and originality are at the core of our company.

Choose Us If Your Goal Is To:
  • Look Better Than Your Competition
  • Establish a Memorable Look
  • Grow Your Client Base
  • Have Great Communication With Your Designer
Transform Your Website Into a Money Generating Machine.


Local Map Optimization: Map Optimization is the #1 way to increase phone calls and leads looking for your local products or services. We service areas throughout City of Parramatta Council and beyond…Contact us today for a Free Consultation!

  • No long term contracts held accountable each and every month
  • Boutique Agency
  • Experienced In-House Staff
  • Certified and Trained

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7 Questions You Must Ask Before Selecting A Web Designer.

Do you do custom websites or use templates?

Most companies will say custom because it sounds good. However, there is a huge gray area in what customizing actually means. Custom websites are costly and require you to wait on a developer to make the smallest of changes.

While you can absolutely use a template, true customization is being able to take a template and make it whatever it needs to be, 100% unique to each individual website they are building.

FP Web Design Answer

To minimise cost we have a selection of templates that you choose before we begin. Each template offers various colors and customizable options to suit your needs

Can you provide examples of client websites designed?

Viewing their portfolio will provide you a sense of how they work. You should also have the ability to distinguish how outdated their CMS based on the cleanliness of the sites they’ve built. For newer systems, fonts should be smooth and colours should be crisp. Older systems have a blurriness to them and are constructed in a boxed mode.

FP Web Design Answer

Use the navigation above to compare other companies website portfolio with ours. View FP Web Design website portfolio.

What’s your process for designing a website?

Reputable Parramatta businesses will have an organized protocol that they use with each of their customers. While some aspects might be different dependent on the customer, the total process should remain within range.

These types of things include:

  • Getting to know you as well as your present company.
  • Reviewing your current site and assessing its performance before making your design and development choices.
  • Assigning one project manager to communicate with.

FP Web Design Answer

We have a step by step process that is communicated up front so the client knows the process and expectations of the development process of their website.

Can I see the website you are creating?

Reputable web design companies will build your site on a server domain and create your in-progress site available for viewing during every phase so that you can make suggestions to the edits.

FP Web Design Answer

Yes, we offer a special domain name ( for customers to see edits during the development procedure.

Will my site be compatible with tablets and mobile devices?

All sites built on a newer CMS is going to be friendly on all apparatus. With that said, a great designer will configure the mobile version of your website differently for a better viewing experience for the consumer.

FP Web Design Answer

Yes, our websites are built for each device for the best user experience across all devices.

Will I be able to access my site's Google statistics without contacting you?

This answer should be yes. There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever for a business not to allow you to view your own site statistics.

FP Web Design Answer

Yes, we provide you access to Google Analytics and some other statistical information for 100% transparency of the way your internet traffic is performing.

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A quick way to sort the wheat from the chaff. We recommend you don’t get too caught up in promises of creating a beautiful website. Any design agency worth their salt will talk up their ability to design a beautiful website. Design is more than just what a site looks like. Design is also about what makes it a great site to use. Web design is also about what’s happening behind the scenes. A builder may build a house but he still needs an electrician and plumber to make the house worth living in. Many web agencies forget the sparky and plumber — and paint, flooring, fittings, doors and kitchens.

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